We at Eco Villas are committed in building your house in wood exactly the way you want it, using mainly the best wood as primary material and following the highest quality standards, IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH!

Yes, it’s right: thanks to our building method we can build your house in less than one month!

Thanks to our engineering and architecture, we are, in effect, one of the smartest and fastest builders in the world. Our italian know how in design and elegance and our assembly skills, make us able to fit any level of request from our customers.

Residential Houses

Private Villa





Car Port

Wooden fences

Spa and Sauna

Decking and Patio


Tiny Houses

Wooden Basements


And this is really our plus: we build exactly what you dream, with the best and most ecological materials, and incredibly high security and quality standards. We follow our customers from the choice of main location till the last piece of furniture!

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Ecovillas Ltd started in 2008 , thanks a brilliant idea of his founder Andrea Colucci. He introduced this new concept of eco friendly buildings in the beautiful environment of the Seychelles islands after realizing and studying all the problematics that there are to build a normal house in the country.

During this time we build a solid net of partners and professionals, able to satisfy every king of request for our clients.

With more than 45 projects already realized and with a lot more in our schedule, we are able to give to our clients a full range of models and services, from the small economic chalet to the best villa top class.