Ecovillas is Ready to Expand

We @ Ecovillas, after 10 years of constructing with a multitude of projects in Europe and more than 40 in Seychelles Arcipelague, are ready to expand in other countries, explore new opportunities and open new markets, introducing our know how, consolidate construction method and our designs.

Our construction method is fast, high standard levels, does not need particular assembly tools. Our Villas design has being growing following the most important contemporary/modern project leads and out of ordinary habitat solutions

We Don't Just Erect Walls

We build emotions, fellings, homes where our clients will experience different sensations in every area, a home where to live  a better life in a healthy, comfortable luxury and safe environmenti.

A home where your senses will be stimulated, a home for total relax and comfort, in a perfect integration with the environment.


Ambitious, ready to accept new exciting challenges, ready to do what not everyone does.

Partners with a vision and targets to achieve.

What is an Ecovillas Partner?

You want to be our partner? You want to be in charge of Ecovillas in your country?

Now you can and the opportunity is great!

Opening new branches in other countries means that you will be the owner of your Company, independently. Ecovillas full team will give you all the support needed to succeed.

Why a local partner and not directly Ecovillas?

Because… who better than you knows all the different ascpects, difficoulties and laws of your country and its population? You will better than us know, because you are at home!

You, as a partner, will be trained to sell our products and always get assistance with all needed information to feel perfectly comfortable in your work.

What Do You Need to be Our Partner?

As a partner you will need:

  • A bit of experience in general construcions
  • Connections with local real estate
  • Your ambition and your ability to create a client network
What Will Your Job Consist In?

Receive clients and evaluate projects

Promote, sel and market houses

Found local partners/subcontractors to:

Organize Landscaping/foundations/electrical/plumbing/logistic/transportation materials/Paperworks/Plan submission/Building, Working, Import permits

Ecovillas will assist you and give you full support in:

Architecturals/Engineering/Plans emission/Client negotiation supervising and follow up/Quotations/Technical support/

and any docs required for the project.

The Show Room

What will the Partner Benefit? Whato does Ecovillas require from partner?

The Partner needs to be able to afford the first house (the “demo house” or local show room). He/she will use it as a show case and office.

The Partner needs to have or create his own network of partners and professionas to assist in every step of the job and mostly the building.

Ecovillas wil sell to the Partner the Demo House at a special price, so special that any client will never found one more competitive.

For the first project, Ecovillas is investing in the first house and because of this will provide it with no profit at all.

This means that in any case it is a good chance for the Partner to have an amazing villa at incredibly low price.

Where Does The Partner Profits From?

Of course by selling the house with a margin that is incredibly high, but also providing services to the client (we call them “Additional Services”) such as:

  • Foundation/Land preparation and Land scaping
  • Elechtrical/Plumbing/Furnitures/In and Out door design/sauna/Jacuzzi/SPA
  • Any other service the client will require
What If You Don't Sell?

Our first target is to operate in your country, so we really want you to sell and for this reason we are willing to invest in the first house.

After all considerations needed, we know what the feedbacks will be when you invite clients to the villa.

The opportunity is in you hand but it’s our deep interest that you take it, so we will make you able to reach the top.

After that, all is in your hands.